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Treatment profile from the SANCA organisations

The SANCA National Treatment Portfolio comprises representatives from all in-patient centres as well as a number of out-patient centres. It is responsible for the development of both national in- and out-patient treatment programmes. Currently, all the in-patient treatment centres enjoy full registration with the Department of Social Development and also meet the Department’s criteria pertaining to norms and standards.
Each of the in-patient treatment centres has a multi-disciplinary team as part of its structure to ensure delivery of a holistic treatment service. The SANCA National out-patient programme has been standardised and was presented at training workshops at all the SANCA organisations during 2011. Both the in- and out-patient programmes comply with the norms and standards for substance abuse treatment services. The analysis of in- and out-patient treatment per province is reflected in the table below.

The analysis of in- and out-patient treatment per province is reflected below.


The following is an account of the total number of clients who received treatment since 2005/6:

Year    Total number of clients 
2005/6    8733
2006/7    8733
2007/8    8774
2008/9   10942
2009/10   11108
2010/11   10981
2011/12   11135
2012/13   10739

There was an overall decrease of 3.7% in the number of patients in treatment from 2011/12 to 2012/13. The greatest decrease was recorded in the Northern Cape Province (191.2%) and the Eastern Cape Province (126.5%). Signifi cant increases in counselling services occurred in KwaZulu-Natal (30.3%) and Gauteng (15.4%). The majority of clients (76%) were admitted to outpatient treatment programmes with Gauteng rendering out-patient treatment services to the greatest number of clients, followed by the Western Cape and Mpumalanga. The Gauteng province renderedin-patient treatment services to the greatest number of clients (1 378), from fi ve SANCA in-patient treatment centres.